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do you need a motorcycle license

What are the risks of riding a bike?

Risk Factors. There will always be riding hazards out of our control, like bad weather, gravel or sand, potholes, and bad drivers. But there are a lot of things for riders to be alert to. Roads collect oils over time and a first rain can bring those oils out and make the roads particularly slippery.

How many people died riding a motorcycle in 2015?

According to the latest statistics available, the NHTSA reported 4,976 people were killed while riding in 2015 in the United States, which is up 8.3 percent from 2014 (which saw 4,594 fatalities). This is out of a reported 8.6 million private and commercial motorcycles on the road in 2015. While that’s more than a 1 in 1,728 chance, there are some other statistics that do point to motorcycles being objectively dangerous. The fatality rate per registered vehicle for motorcyclists was six to seven times higher than the fatality rate for “passenger car occupants” in 2014. Motorcyclists in 2014 were also 27 times more likely than "passenger car occupants" to die in a crash per "vehicle mile traveled," and nearly five times as likely to be injured.

Why is it important to know your limits when riding a bike?

Riders pushing themselves beyond their skill level also jeopardizes safety. Knowing and staying within your limits can help keep you safe. Related to the above, even outside of a group you should be alert to your personal abilities. Picking a bike that’s within your skill level can lessen the chances of an accident.

How to get better traction on a bike?

Moving on to the bike itself , sporting a set of good tires will give better traction. Upgrading brake elements such as the brake line, calipers or pads will help you stop faster. Anti-lock brakes and other electronic aids certainly don’t hurt, regardless of what the old fogies say.

How to keep a bike safe?

Keeping the bike operating properly via regular maintenance is another no-brainer. Proper training will go a long way in staying safe. Professional instruction enables you to definitively know if you’re doing things correctly or not. Correct body-positioning and posture alone can make a huge difference in rider safety.

Why are group rides dangerous?

Fatigue and lack of sleep is another risk factor. Sunlight and glare can blind drivers and riders, which can easily lead to an accident. Never assume a driver will see you. Group rides, unfortunately, are a common place for accidents, for a number of reasons.

Why is the road slippery?

Roads collect oils over time and a first rain can bring those oils out and make the roads particularly slippery. Salt on the road is common in freezing conditions and can negatively affect traction. Fatigue and lack of sleep is another risk factor.

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