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how to change motorcycle tire

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How much does it cost to change a motorcycle tire?

There are many services that mechanics generally provide, and we will look at all of them. Typically, changing tires on a motorcycle cost anywhere between $20 and 125$. In the carry-in service where you bring in your motorcycle’s wheels, the cost range is $25 to $50.

Can I change my own motorcycle tire?

To add to this, also be aware that if you supply your own tires and there is a manufacturing defect. You are on the hook for the labor to dis-mount and mount the replacement tire and it is up to you to deal with the tire warranty. Yes you can. Most places may charge you more.

How do you balance a tire on a motorcycle?

Part 2 of 2: Evening the Wheel’s WeightGently spin the tire and wait for it to stop. Give the wheel a spin so it turns 2 or 3 times. …Mark the lowest part of the wheel with tape. Peel off a small piece of masking tape. …Tape a wheel weight to the rim’s top end. …Rotate the wheel to spin it again. …Add and remove weights to balance the wheel. …More items…

What is the best motorcycle tire changer?

The Best Motorcycle Tire ChangerWanheyao Motorcycle Bike Tire Change Kit. A set of three tire lever spoons that are perfect for motorcycle wheels and come in a handy case. …No-Mar Motorcycle Tire Changer. This is a tire changer tool with a difference! …Pit Posse Motorcycle Tire Changing. …

How to seal a tire bead?

Seal the tire bead into the rim using the Breezer tire tool if you can’t get the "pop" while inflating. You can use this tool to press the bead in and then rotate the tire to get the bead in from all edges.

How to tell if a tire has popped?

Pump some air into the tire using a compressed air pump, but do not inflate it fully. You just want to pump until you hear a small "pop." This indicates the bead has popped in.

How to get tire off rim?

Spray silicone lubricant on the tire bead to help it come out. This will allow you to slip the tire off the rim easily by entering tire irons under the bead and pulling the tire away from the rim. Remove both sides of the tire until the tire can slip off completely.

What is a bead on a tire?

A "bead" is a curved lip of the tire that goes right where the tire meets the rim and hold it in place. If the bead isn’t coming out, try to push more air out of the tires.

How do you pull a tire lever?

Tire levers are simply long metal tabs. You shove them under the bead, so that the back side sits against the rim, and then push down to pull the tire up. The rim acts like a fulcrum, allowing you to pop the tire up and over the rim. Move in a circle around the tire until the tire is off.

Why does my Breezer tool get stuck?

The Breezer tool can get stuck if one side of the tire gets too tight. Change sides to make the job easier.

How to get air out of a tire?

Let all the air out of the tire with the valve core tool. This tool is either snapped on or screwed into the valve to keep it open. The force of the air coming out is usually quite strong, so you will need to hold the valve core tool tightly.

How to set a tire bead?

Setting the Bead. Once your tire is on the rim, you need to inflate it to set the bead. An air compressor is recommended to fill it up. When the bead sets, it will make a loud noise and pinch whatever fingers, toes, or clothing is nearby. Be safe during this step- the bead will set quickly and oftentimes without warning.

How to remove a bike wheel?

Removing the Wheel. The first thing you will need to do is get the bike in the air. You can use either a jack or a stand, each works provided it is set up safely and allows you to get the tires off the frame. Next, you will want to remove the chain and axle hardware, making sure to keep the pieces organized as you go.

Why mirror front tread pattern to rear tread pattern?

Most manufacturers mirror the front tread pattern to the rear pattern mainly to improve wear characteristics because they are subjected to different primary forces (braking on the front and acceleration on the rear). It is this pattern that also determines which direction the tires deflect water when the road is wet.

What is a tread indicator?

Tread indicators are level with the top of the tread groove

How to get tire off rim?

Work methodically on the tire, going section by section with your tools to work it off the rim, being careful not to cause damage as you go. Using your knee as a counter force helps keep the tire in place while you work with your hands. Once you have finished one side, flip it over and start working on the other. Eventually, the remaining part of the tire should slide off.

What to check before putting wheel back on frame?

Before you put the wheel back on the frame, check the tire for any leaks.

What does backwards tread do?

Additionally, the “backwards” tread helps reduce noise and vibration while you ride.

How to break a tire bead?

Deflate old tire and break bead with bead breaker or your heel. Lever off one side of tire and flip, lever off other side, and push tire off rim. Push first sidewall of new tire on rim. Taking small "bites," lever second sidewall onto rim. Set bead, check for leaks, and inflate to proper psi.

How to fix broken bead on rim?

Once you’ve broken the bead, snake a zip tie between the bottom lip of the sidewall and the inside of the rim. Cin ch the zip tie and push the two sidewalls closer together by standing on either side of the zip tie. Cinch it again until both sides of the sidewall are touching.

How to get a new tire on a bike?

Push the first sidewall over the lip of the rim and grab your tire irons. Work in small sections to get the new tire over the lip of the rim. Cycle World. Take small “bites” and lever the second sidewall over the rim. You won’t get it all in one shot.

How to break a motorcycle tire?

Deflate and break the bead on the motorcycle tire. You can accomplish this with a dedicated motorcycle tire bead breaker, tire irons, or by pushing down on the sidewall of the tire with your heel. Grunting during this step is optional, but recommended.

How to set a bead on a tire?

Set your bead by inflating your tire, either at a gas station, using an air compressor, or one of those emergency tire inflators that connects to your car’s power. Warning: When your bead sets, it is loud and can pinch any stray objects near it. Do not have any loose wrenches, fingers, or toes near your rim.

What to do if you see no tires?

If you see none, inflate or deflate your tire to the correct psi and install your wheel back on your bike. You’re not changing your tire at a shop, so you are responsible for recycling your tire. Don’t throw it in your dumpster; go to your nearest recycling center and dispose of your tire properly.

How to get a tire to break free?

If you’re having trouble, or the tire doesn’t want to break free, stand the wheel vertically and put your knee on the tire, right behind where you inserted the tire iron and push.

How to change a motorcycle tire

The first thing you do before when you learn about how to change a motorcycle tire, ( otherwise referred to as how to mount a motorcycle tire) is go to the kitchen and mix up a 50/50 solution of warm water and dish soap. You are going to use this as your lubricant throughout the tire change process so get that ready and have it handy.

How to read motorcycle tire size

According to https://www.chapmoto.com/ the reality is that most people don’t know what size tires their bikes are running. How do you find your bikes tire size? There are three common size formats for street tires: Metric Sizing (Most Common) , Alpha Numeric (Mostly Cruiser) and Inch Sizing (Mostly Dirt Bike)

How to balance a motorcycle tire

If you are doing this yourself there are 4 basic steps below that cover the process:

Can you plug a motorcycle tire?

The processes for tubed and non-tubed tires are different, but both tires can be made rideable again (at least enough to get you home). Patching a tubed tire requires you to remove the wheel, popping the bead (not easy!) and pulling out the tube to fix it.

Why can’t I get the tire bead on my rim?

If you’re having to use excessive force and still can’t get the bead of the tire over the lip of the rim, your problem is that the tire bead is not in the drop-center. It can be difficult because the tire doesn’t want to stay in the drop-center. I typically kneel on the tire to keep it where I want it.

Why does Lance have swingarm spools?

Lance’s editorial comment #2: I have the swingarm spools because at home in my own garage, I’d quickly and easily raise my Versys on my rear stand. Since Lemmy only rides Shovelheads, choppers of muttly lineage and other odd junk, to which no one has ever fitted swingarm spools, he didn’t have a rear stand. The jackstands worked just fine.

What does Lemmy use to coax out the axle?

Lemmy uses a drift to coax out the axle. Photo by Lance Oliver.

Why do you need to lube a tire?

It encourages the bead to slide into its home and, because it is liquid, it will create tell-tale bubbles to show you where air is escaping, instead of inflating your tire. Sometimes pressing on the tread next to the spot where air is escaping past the bead will be enough to get that satisfying and loud "pop!" you’re seeking.

How to deflate a tire?

Deflate the tire by removing the valve core with a valve core tool. After the air has made its exit, it’s time to break the beads. There are a multitude of ways to do this, but we elected to use a manual bead breaker. It makes quick work of an otherwise-difficult job.

What happens after beads are broken on both sides of tire?

There are some other nifty tools that don’t cost a fortune. After the beads are broken on both sides, it’s time to begin pulling the tire off the wheel. This part of the job is more of an art than a science. Everyone seems to find their own way of doing things.

How far did Lance Oliver ride across Pennsylvania?

Too many trips across Pennsylvania flat-spotted this rear tire. Before making the 475-mile trip home, Lance wanted a new one. We used jack stands to raise the bike. Photo by Lance Oliver.

How to get a tire out of a rim?

Locate the inner tube of the tire and pull it outward. During this process, it is advisable to place one leg on the tire and rim to pull out the tube. Push the valve inside to remove the tube. Now, take a new tire and apply the lubricant solution all over it on both sides so that when you blow it up, the tire will easily glide into the rim without a lot of resistance.

How to change a tire valve?

First, deflate the old tire. Break the tire beading with pushing your leg down and scooping the rim outward with the help of a tire iron. Then remove the tube from the tire. Push the new rubber tube inside and place it so that the new valve fits in the rim’s valve cavity properly.

How to break a tire seal?

The easiest one is to place your boot on the tire, as close as possible to the rim, and then pushing down the tire into the rim cavity while pulling a spoke upwards. Repeat this process throughout the tire on both sides. It is advisable to do this over a carpet or cardboard to prevent the rim from getting damaged by the floor.

How to deflate a tire?

Deflate the tire by slowly depressing the valve with a valve key so that the air can exit the tube with ease. Since the air pressure in the tire is very high, removing the valve can result in the tire exerting high-pressure air on the value and nut, which could send it flying off. Once all the air is expelled, loosen the valve nut enough so that the tube can be detached from the rim.

How to check for leaks in a tire?

With a tire, spoon bring the lip of the rubber tire on top of the rim. Putting the spoon between the tire and the rim and pulling it towards you. Repeat after every 3-4 inches until the tire has properly fit on both the sides of the rim. Fill air in the new tire to check for any leaks.

Can you remove a motorcycle tire?

One can easily remove and fix a motorcycle tire with just a few tools and patience. Motorcycle rims are relatively smaller as compared to any other vehicles; all it needs is a little strength to remove the tube from its beading or the airtight seal between the tire and the rim.

Do bicycles come with tubes?

Many bikes that have spoken wire wheels and forged aluminum wheels do not come with tubes in them.

How to change a tire on a stand?

Tire-Changing by the Numbers. 1.With the tire on the stand, remove the valve core—even if the tire appears to be flat. Then remove the valve stem locknut. If you’re going to reuse the tire, mark it at the valve stem so it can be replaced correctly.

How much does a bead buddy cost?

They sell for between 10 and 30 bucks and are small enough to put in your pocket.

What causes a tire to slip on the rim?

Give the tire and brake rotor the once-over, just in case you got sloppy with your lube, and remember that under some conditions, tire lubricant, especially silicone and WD-40, may cause the tire to slip on the rim, so take it easy for a few miles until the stuff has evaporated.

How long should a tire iron be?

Every mechanic has his favorite set of irons. In my opinion a tire iron eight to 10 inches long is the best choice. True, long irons increase your mechanical advantage and in some cases you may need it.

Where to put rim protectors on a rim?

4.Install the rim protectors on the valve stem side of the rim and then slip your tire irons, hooked end up, under the bead next to the valve stem. It’s easy to snag a knuckle on a brake rotor or sprocket, so be careful if they’re still attached to the wheel.

What should be under a spokes tube?

8.There should be a thin rubber band under the tube to prevent the ends of the spokes from chaffing through. Remove it; you won’t be reusing it. If there’s duct or electrical tape under the tube, don’t worry. It just means someone else who knows what he’s doing has been in there before.

How much weight can you have with a tire?

When you weigh 240 pounds, you can have your way with most tires. Photography by Mark Zimmerman

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