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is indian motorcycles going out of business


When did the Indian Motorcycle Company go bankrupt?

During the 1910s, Indian Motorcycle became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. Indian Motorcycle’s most popular models were the Scout, made from 1920 to 1946, and the Chief, made from 1922 until 1953, when the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company went bankrupt.

Should the Indian Motorcycle Company change its name?

The Indian Motorcycle name goes back over a century, so the company may be more amenable to advocacy and charitable initiatives versus changing the name entirely.

When did the Indian Motorcycle Company start making motorcycles?

From 1940 until 1945, Indian Motorcycle focused its efforts on contributing to the Allied cause in WWII, at first building motorcycles for the French government and, starting in 1941, producing the Model 841 for the U.S. Army. Very few bikes were built for consumers during this time.

Do Native Americans still buy Indian motorcycles?

While Matias, who is Kichwa and Taino, was hesitant to draw a line in the sand himself, he did explain the complicated situation Indian Motorcycle presents in his club and his community. On one hand, some Native Americans have latched onto the nostalgia embodied in the heritage brand. “A lot of Natives buy Indian Motorcycles,” he said.

How long has the Indian motorcycle brand been cursed?

The curse that has followed the Indian Motorcycle brand for 50 years strikes again. Five years after winning rights to the name, the latest Indian Motorcycle Company has run out of money. **By [Art Friedman

Why is the Scout Two Ten named?

There was a new model, the Scout Two ten, named for its wider rear tire, which we rode briefly and were generally impressed by. The conditions that enabled the current owners to get rights to the Indian motorcycle name may have also contributed to its undoing.

What year was the Indian Chief Roadmaster?

This is the 2004 Indian Chief Roadmaster, which epitomized the nostalgic look of Indian’s V-twins, recalling an era of big, elegant American motorcycles. We will post the rest of what would have been Indian’s 2004 model line here in the near future.

When did Indian Motorcycles close?

The Gilroy, California company announced it would shut its doors on Friday, September 19, 2003, after failing to obtain necessary financing to continue operations.

What is the Indian motorcycle?

Indian Motorcycle touts itself as “America’s First Motorcycle Company,” a nod to its founding that predates Harley-Davidson. While the business didn’t adopt the Indian name until 1923, according to the company’s history, it did produce a line of bicycles and motorcycles using the term from almost the beginning in 1897. Today the company finds itself reinvented under Polaris, which acquired it in 2011, including a lighter focus on Native American imagery and nomenclature. But the name remains, alongside models called “Chief” and “Chieftain,” as well as the recognizable “headdress logo,” a profile of a Native American in a feathered war bonnet, which is prominently featured on some gas tanks as well as lighting elements.

When did Indian Motorcycle acquire Indian Motorcycle?

When asked if the company has ever considered a name change, a spokesperson for Indian Motorcycle gave this statement: “Since we acquired Indian Motorcycle in 2011, we have worked to honor the hallmarks of this iconic brand while respecting our riders and the communities we serve. Like any respected brand, we are actively listening, learning, and connecting with all stakeholders to determine the best path forward for our brand.”

When did the Cleveland Indians change their name?

In December, the Cleveland Indians announced they are in the process of changing to a “non-Native American based name” from the one the MLB team has held since 1915. Earlier this month, the Cherokee Nation for the first time asked Jeep to stop using the tribe’s name on its vehicles, a practice that goes back to 1974.

Is Indian motorcycle a precarious company?

As the modern reckoning with the appropriation of Native American culture picks up steam in the United States, Indian Motorcycle finds itself in a precarious position. The baseball name change in Cleveland seems to set a precedent for a similar replacement here, and the recent conversation at Jeep sets an industry precedent, both of which could move the bike company out of the periphery, where it has long lived in these conversations, and into the fray.

Who is the cultural director of the Redhawk Native American Arts Council?

Matias, whose connection to the Indigenous community also extends to his role as cultural director of the Redhawk Native American Arts Council in New York City, has a few ideas for how to start a more productive relationship with Indian.

Why are Indian motorcycles called Wigwam?

Because DuPont had connections in the paint industry due to his automobile company association, Indian motorcycles were available in over twenty-four different colors. Additionally, the logo at the time was a war bonnet head-dress on the gas tank, leading to Native American themed advertising for the company. Interesting enough, the factory in Springfield was referred to as the Wigwam. In addition to motorcycles, IMC and Dupont also built air conditioners, boat and aircraft engines, and bicycles.

What was the first motorcycle to be made in the 1920s?

The early 1920s were iconic for IMC due to the introduction of several new motorcycles, such as the Indian Scout. The Scout was the first motorcycle that really enticed people to ride. It was fast, easy to maneuver, and was reliable as well. This decade would see the production of not only the famous Scout, but also the Chief in 1922, the Big Chief the next year, which became a best-seller, and the Prince in 1925.

When did Hendee resign?

Co-founder Hendee resigned in 1916 as company president. The following year the US entered World War I and IMC was very dedicated to the war effort, providing much of its production to the US military. In fact, IMC provided almost fifty thousand motorcycles between 1917 and 1919. Unfortunately, this resulted in limited inventory for motorcycle dealers, allowing retail sales to drop considerably.

When was the IMC motorcycle made?

That’s right, IMC has been heading out on the highway for over a century. This American brand was first produced in 1901. However, in the beginning, the company was called Hendee Manufacturing instead, until 1928, when the name was changed to the moniker it’s still known by today. Can you imagine seeing a motorcycle driving around in the horse and buggy days? They probably caused quite a stir, which led to their subsequent success.

When was the Indian motorcycle company founded?

From the time the company was first established in 1901 until 1923, the company went by Hendee Manufacturing Company. However, in 1923 the name was changed to The Indian Motocycle Company, originally without the “r” in motorcycle. Eventually, the “r” was added back in. The company also introduced a larger version of the Scout engine which became practically legendary; this version ended up being thought of as one of the best engines the company ever built. The Scout was also the company’s most popular model.

What was the first motorcycle?

The first motorcycles were basically motorized bicycles . The first motorcycle had a single cylinder engine with 1.75 brake horsepower (bhp). Brake horsepower measures the horsepower of an engine before power loss from the water pump, alternator, gearbox, and other auxiliary components.

When did IMC start making motorcycles?

IMC focused its efforts from 1940 through 1945 on contributing to the Allied troops. The company first began building motorcycles in 1941 for the government in France. In addition, IMC also produced the Model 841 for the US Army. During this time, very few motorcycles were produced for consumers.

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