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do they make indian motorcycles


Are Indian motorcycles worth the money?

Indian motorcycles are worth the cost because of their cutting-edge performance-based technology, high-caliber team of engineers, mechanics, and designers, distinct style, and quality build. Owning an Indian also enlists you in the Indian dealership’s nationwide support structure for routine maintenance, oil services, and part upgrades.

Do they still make Indian Motor Cycles?

New Indian Motorcycle Company – started in 2006, has not yet produced any bikes, but does plan on building everything (including the engines) in-house. At this point they are promising product rollout towards the end of this year.

Does Polaris own Indian motorcycles?

The company manufactured motorcycles through its Victory Motorcycles subsidiary until January 2017, and currently produces motorcycles through the Indian Motorcycle subsidiary, which it purchased in April 2011. Polaris produced personal watercraft from 1994–2004.

Are Indian motorcycles still made?

Yes, All Indian motorcycles are assembled in Spirit Lake Iowa in the USA. Even though the company owning Indian motorcycles got several factories worldwide the bikes are still assembled in the United State. This is what the company claims; all Indian Motorcycles come from the USA. Que the giant American flag beside that statement right here.

2021 Indian Motorcycles

Indian® Motorcycle Company is one of America¡¯s oldest and most iconic motorcycle brands. It first went out of business in the 1950s but was resurrected under new ownership in the 1990s. However, despite adventurous plans and some promising new product, that iteration of the company went under in 2004.

Find a Used Indian Motorcycle

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Find a Motorcycle Dealer

Interested in buying a new motorcycle? Find a Indian Motorcycle Dealer now!

Where Are Indian Motorcycles Made?

Currently, Indian motorcycles are assembled in the Iowa city of Spirit Lake, in the United States.

Are All Indian Motorcycles Made in America?

Yes, All Indian motorcycles are assembled in Spirit Lake Iowa in the USA. Even though the company owning Indian motorcycles got several factories worldwide the bikes are still made in the United State.

Who Owns Indian Motorcycles?

Polaris currently owns the brand of Indian Motorcycle as a parent company. Polaris, which in turn is owned by Textron Inc, purchased Indian Motorcycle in 2011 from the previous owner Stellican Ltd.

Are Indian Motorcycles Secretly Made in China?

Indian Motorcycles are not made in China. Although it is worth mentioning that some mechanical parts of an Indian motorcycle are manufactured in China and then shipped for the final assembly in the United State.

Is Indian Motorcycle An American Company? Final words

Yes, even though some parts manufacture is done overseas. In contrast, both the motorcycle assembly line and ownership of the Indian Motorcycle brand reside in the United States.

The Oldest Motorcycle Company in the U.S

The Indian Motorcycle Company, located in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, is the oldest motorcycle company in the United States. At one time, it was also the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. The company’s most popular models were the Scout—a pre–World War II design—and the Chief, which was hugely popular from 1922 to 1953.

The Indian Scout: 1920

The Scout debuted in 1920. Scouts originally had a 596 cc, 37 cubic inch engine, but were later upgraded to a 745 cc, 45 cubic inch engine in 1927. The most popular Scout model was the 101 Scout made in 1928. The 101 Scout had improved handling due to its lower body frame.

The Indian Chief: 1922

Introduced two years after the Scout, the 1922 Chief started out with a 1000 cc, 61 cubic inch engine. However, in a later year, the Chief came equipped with a fully featured 1200 cc, 73 cubic inch engine. With a motor this big, Indian added a front brake to the Chief in 1928.

Indian Four: 1928

In 1927, Indian purchased Ace Motor Corporation. Indian received Ace’s name, facilities, and rights. For one year, Indian had a motorcycle called the Ace, but the name was changed to the Indian 401 in 1928.

Indian During World War II

Chiefs, Scouts, and Junior Scouts were all used in the U.S. Army, but not as much as the Harley-Davidson WLA. The Army did, however, request many experimental motorcycles specifically for desert combat. Indian responded with the 841. It was based off the BMW R71 which was the motorcycle used by the German Army.

The End of Indian

Ralph B. Rogers purchased a part of Indian in 1945, and on November 1 of that year, duPont gave Rogers control over Indian. Rogers cancelled the Scout, and made cheap, lightweight motorcycles like the 149 Arrow, Super Scout 249 IN 1949, and the Warrior 250 in 1950. These motorcycles made Indian suffer from poor quality and lack of development.

A Future for Indian?

In July of 2006, Indian Motorcycle Company announced its new home in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Indian is now trying to restore the old Indian Motorcycle Company to what it used to be. Focusing on quality, performance, and craftsmanship, the new Chiefs are produced in small numbers.

Indian Motorcycle, a Brief History

Indian Motorcycle is the first American motorcycle company. It opened its doors in 1901, just a couple of years before Harley-Davidson did.

Where Are Indian Motorcycles Made?

According to the company, 550 employees make Indian Motorcycle’s bikes in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

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Aprilia does not make any automatic motorcycles for 2022. They do, however, manufacture scooters such as the Aprilia SR 50 that are fully automatic.


Ducati does not make any automatic motorcycles for the 2022 model year.


The 2022 Livewire One is Harley-Davidson ‘s first fully electric motorcycle, originally released in 2020. With a range of between 100 to 150 miles on a charge, it easily manages in-city riding for commutes or simply a Sunday ride.


The 2022 Gold Wing DCT and Gold Wing Tour from Honda share the same base chassis, engine, and Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). With a 1.8-liter engine producing nearly 100 HP, attached to the 7-speed DCT on both bikes, the only real difference is in the equipment that can be had on either model.


Indian does not make any automatic motorcycles for the 2022 model year.


Kawasaki does not make any automatic motorcycles for the 2022 model year. There are rumors abound that there will be an electric version of the Ninja H2, and the Kawasaki Endeavor electric bike is slated to have a DCT when/if the bike makes it to market.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield does not make any automatic motorcycles for the 2022 model year

1. Honda NC00X DCT

During the post-World War II era, the use of auxiliary engines mounted on bicycles became very popular in Japan with the purpose of moving around and transporting goods quickly. This was the spark point of manufacturing for Honda.

2. Honda CTX700 DCT

The Honda CTX700 DCT is another Honda product. As well as Honda NC00X, this bike has a dual clutch transmission system. However, unlike the previous bike, you’d rather buy CTX700 for long-distance driving than for racing. With a comfortable seat and automatic shifter, you will be able to focus exclusively on the journey and nothing else.

3. The Aprilia Mana 850

Aprilia is an Italian manufacturer that is best known for sports bikes. However, they decided to produce automatic motorcycles. The Mana 850 has a CVT (continuously variable transmission) system, unlike Honda’s DTC machines.

4. Honda VFR1200X DCT

Again, Honda’s automatic motorcycle, but not the last on our list. The Honda VFR1200X DCT logically uses dual clutch transmission. This bike is an excellent choice for you if you love adventure. It is very easily adapted to dusty roads, but also for city driving, which makes it a multi-purpose machine.

5. Honda NM4 Vultus DCT

Ok, this bike is the last one by Honda on our list. Honda NM4 Vultus uses DCT, as well as all previous models. It is distinguished by very elegant design, while 670cc will provide enough power if you need it.

6. Energica Ego

Energica Ego is all electric automatic motorcycle. This means that it is environmentally acceptable even if you drive it to the maximum performance. If you consider that it has an automatic gearbox, you should not have a problem while driving, so you can completely relax.

7. Zero SR

According to toolssense.com If you want to drive an automatic bike, but still retain an outlook as a manual transmission motorcycle, then the Zero SR is a perfect choice for you. In addition, its price is not too high so it’s not a problem to afford it.

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