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where is the indian motorcycle made

Spirit Lake, Iowa

Are Indian motorcycles worth the money?

Indian motorcycles are worth the cost because of their cutting-edge performance-based technology, high-caliber team of engineers, mechanics, and designers, distinct style, and quality build. Owning an Indian also enlists you in the Indian dealership’s nationwide support structure for routine maintenance, oil services, and part upgrades.

Where was the original Indian Motorcycle factory?

The factory on Wilbraham Road in Springfield, which would later house the Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company. Seen here around 1892 and published in Picturesque Hampden (1892). This building is best known as having been part of the Indian Motocycle Company factory, but it has had a variety of uses over the years.

Does Polaris own Indian motorcycles?

The company manufactured motorcycles through its Victory Motorcycles subsidiary until January 2017, and currently produces motorcycles through the Indian Motorcycle subsidiary, which it purchased in April 2011. Polaris produced personal watercraft from 1994–2004.

What was the first Indian motorcycle?

What was the first Indian motorcycle? The first Indian Motorcycle was sold to a retail customer in 1902 but it was two years later that the company introduced a deep red called Vermillion, which became better known as “Indian Red.” Racing victories and records helped to solidify its popularity.

What time does Indian Motorcycle Factory open?

The Indian Motorcycle Experience Center is open with video tours available anytime Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 3:00pm (CST) with the exception of holidays.

How long is a tour of the factory?

Tours last approximately 45 minutes and will allow visitors to observe the factory while lines are in operation.

Where are Indian motorcycles made?

Today, the tradition of premium craftsmanship in American manufacturing lives on at the Indian Motorcycle factory in Spirit Lake, IA ; the home of Indian Motorcycle and the birthplace of each new bike we make.#N#The factory employs approximately 550 skilled professionals who take great pride in each detail of the assembly process. Their dedication and commitment to excellence continues the Indian Motorcycle legacy for future generations of motorcycle riders to come.

Is Indian Motorcycle Experience Center open?

The Indian Motorcycle Experience Center is open with video tours available anytime Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 3:00pm (CST) with the exception of holidays.

What is an Indian motorcycle factory tour?

The Indian Motorcycle factory offers tours if you would like to see the assembly line working. On the tour, you’ll learn all about the process of the bikes being built and some of the more interesting aspects of the factory.

Where are Indian motorcycles made?

Indian Motorcycle makes bikes in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The motorcycles are made right in the USA. If you’ve paid attention to the American motorcycle market, you’ve probably noticed Indian Motorcycle’s bikes. The American company has some of the best bikes, challenging Harley-Davidson at its own game, but are Indian’s bikes made in the USA?

When did Polaris Industries come back?

The company went defunct in the 1950s but was brought back in 2011 by Polaris Industries. Since being brought back, the company has been gaining ground in the industry.

When did Harley-Davidson open?

It opened its doors in 1901, just a couple of years before Harley-Davidson did. The company saw great success both in racing and in terms of popularity with the public. It was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the entire world.

Is Indian motorcycle made in America?

Yes. All motorcycles sold by Indian are made in America.

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Our Founders

We challenge ourselves every day to live up to the innovative spirit of our founders. Our mission fulfills their promise by pushing ourselves to be the driving force in creating what’s next for motorcycling.


In 1967, 68-year-old New Zealand native Burt Munro made motorcycle history by setting a new official land speed record on his modified 1920 Indian Scout Streamliner. The record stands to this day.

Evel Live

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Evel Knievel’s historic Las Vegas jumps, Travis Pastrana became the only person to successfully beat two of Knievel’s distance records on an Indian Scout FTR750, including a 150 foot jump over the Ceasar’s Palace fountain.

How fast was Hedstrom?

Besides his revolutionary career as a motorcycle manufacturer, Hedstrom also enjoyed considerable success as an endurance rider, notably hitting a then-record speed of 56 miles per hour as he won a race from New York City to Springfield, Massachusetts and back in 1903.

When did the Hendee motorcycle company change its name?

In 1923, the company changed its name from The Hendee Manufacturing Company to The Indian Motocycle Company – no ‘r’ in ‘motocycle’ when the word was first used with the name Indian. Less than two decades later, Sturgis, South-Dakota -based Jackpine Gypsies rider group held a race called the Black Hills Classic, …

When did Hendee motorcycles start?

Along with co-founder and chief engineer Oscar Herdstrom, Hendee opened the company’s first factory in downtown Springfield in 1901. What followed was half a century of unparalleled growth in motorcycle production and innovation, and foundational leadership in curating a true American riding culture. In 1923, the company changed its name …

When did the US start using Indian motorcycles?

The U.S. Army began using Indian Motorcycles in 1913, and with the arrival of World War I, Indian Motorcycle dedicated a majority of its production to the war effort once the U.S. entered the field in 1917. As a result of this shift to meet war-time demand from the military, dealers had limited inventory and retail sales dropped significantly. Overall, the company contributed nearly 50,000 motorcycles from 1917 to 1919, most of them based on the Indian Powerplus model.

Who made the Hendee motorcycle?

In the company’s first reliability trial in 1903, co-founder and chief engineer Oscar Hedstrom rode one of his motorcycles to a new world speed record of 56 miles per hour and won an endurance race from New York City to Springfield, Massachusetts, and back. Building on the co-founder’s success, in 1906 dealers George Holden and Louis J. Mueller rode an Indian motorcycle from San Francisco to New York City in a record 31 days without a mechanical problem.

Where did Hendee farm his chickens?

In his retirement, he bred Guernsey cattle and white leghorn chickens on his farm in Suffield, Connecticut.

When was the first V-twin motorcycle made?

1906. In 1906, the first V-twin factory race bike was built. A version of the racing engine was introduced in consumer models for the 1907 model year, making the 39-ci (633 cc), 42-degree V-twin the first American V-twin production motorcycle engine.

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