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where to buy motorcycle battery

Buy motorcycle batteries from anauto parts store. Retailers such as The Auto Zone,Advanced Auto Parts and Sears sell batteries for all motorcycle makes and models. See if the associates at the store will help you install it. Sometimes they offer free installation with the purchase of a battery.

What is the best battery for a motorcycle?

Which motorcycle battery is best?Shorai LFX LFX09A2 Lithium Standard Battery – Best Overall.Yuasa’s YUAM320BS Motorcycle Battery – Best Value.Odyssey’s PC680 Motorcycle Battery – Best High-Output Battery.KMG Battery YT12A-BS Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery – Honorable Mention.

What is the best motorcycle battery brand?

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Should I replace my motorcycle battery?

When a motorcycle sits for too long,it’s possible for the following to happen:Paint peels on the tankSeals and gaskets shrink and crackTires become brittle and create flat spotsBattery drainsCondensation builds up in carburetors and engineFuel “gels” upRustStiff and unlubricated chain

What’s the best battery out there?

Best 5 AAA Batteries Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery. The Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery, which is the highest rated lithium battery by Consumer Reports (tested on AA batteries), is said to last up to nine … Duracell Ultra Power Alkaline Battery. … Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Battery. … Panasonic Evolta Alkaline Battery. … Kirkland Signature Alkaline Battery. …

What do the numbers on a motorcycle battery mean?

The first few letters YTX in this case designate the manufacturer and the type of battery but as all manufacturers have different codes, it’s not that useful.

What is a gel battery?

A gel battery is a VRLA battery with a gelified (good word) electrolyte. Essentially the battery acid is mixed with a gel. The advantages of this are that the battery resists vibration damage and also can be positioned at an angle – as the acid won’t escape.

How much does a lithium battery weigh?

A typical lead-acid motorcycle battery for a litre-superbike weighs around 4kg, a lithium equivalent weighs around 750g. Lithium batteries have a better cranking power and a longer life than a lead-acid battery.

How many amps does a motorcycle battery charger use?

Most motorcycle battery chargers are 0.8 to 1.2 Amps whereas most car chargers are between 2 and 5 Amps. If you are in a desperate situation and your car battery charger is for a small car battery and the output is under 2 Amps, it’ll charge fine but try not to make a habit of it!

Which is better, Yuasa or Dynavolt?

They’re not always the cheapest but they’re a safe bet. Yuasa make Lead Acid and Lithium batteries. Dynavolt. Manufactured in China, Dynavolt are a good brand and are usually quite a bit cheaper than Yuasa. They make both Lead Acid and Lithium batteries. Shido.

What is a lithium battery?

Lithium / Li-Ion / LFP. Lithium (lithium iron phosphate) is the new kid on the block. Lithium-based batteries are used in modern technologies from mobile phones to electric cars. They are much more expensive than a lead-acid battery but there are many advantages of a lithium-ion battery.

What is the liquid in a motorcycle battery?

If you’ve ever bought a motorcycle battery and had to add a liquid into it, then you’ve had a ‘flooded’ battery. The liquid is sulphuric acid (it stinks, right?). Due to the fact these batteries aren’t sealed (yes, you push a lid down over the cells once you add the acid but it’s not totally air-tight), the water element of the aic does evaporate over time and can require topping up.

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