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who makes husaberg motorcycles


When was the first Husaberg motorcycle made?

Browse by year, price, and specs. Find the right Husaberg motorcycle for your next adventure. Founded in 1988 after the legendary Swedish motorcycle marque Husqvarna was purchased by the Cagiva group, a group of engineers decided to stay in Sweden and start a new company, which they called Husaberg.

Who is the parent company of Husaberg Motor AB?

Husaberg Motor AB was established in 1988 from the circumstances arisen out of the purchase of the motorcycle division of Swedish company Husqvarna by Italian Cagiva in 1987. Cagiva shifted the production of motorcycles to Varese, Italy.

What kind of engine does a Husaberg have?

Husaberg was a manufacturer of enduro motorcycles with four and two-stroke engines, the displacements ranging from 125 cc to 650 cc. Originally based in Sweden, its motorcycles were latter manufactured in Austria by parent company KTM until the line was retired in 2014.

Who is Husaberg?

Loading… Husaberg was founded in 1988 by engineers from Husqvarna who wanted out after Husqvarna was bought by Cagiva Motor.

How much did motorcycle sales drop in 2011?

The U.S. motorcycle industry saw a 4.6% decrease in year-on-year sales over the first six months of 2011, thanks mostly to a 17.3% drop in ATV sales. Motorcycle and scooter sales however saw a 1.7% bump in the first half . Unfortunately, most of that gain in two-wheeled vehicle sales was due to a strong ] more

Who rode Husaberg?

Classifieds. Dealers. News. Tweet. Husaberg constitutes a part of Sweden’s great racing tradition. The list of famous pilots who rode a Husaberg sounds like a Who-is-Who in Motorsports: Joel Smets, Jimmie Eriksson, Walter Bartolini, Kent Karlsson and Anders Eriksson. Although the bikes are assembled at the mother company KTM now, …

Who owns Husqvarna?

When Pierer Industrie AG purchased Husqvarna from BMW in January, it was obvious some major changes were on their way. Pierer Industries AG is owned by Stefan Pierer, who happens to be chief executive officer of KTM, which also happens to be the parent company of Husaberg.

Is the 2 stroke road bike a thing?

Two stroke road bikes are a thing of the past, at least here in the states. It’s a shame, considering how unique they are to ride and work on. However, the absolute fandom surrounding two strokes is definitely alive and well in this country, as seen by a recent event at Deus Ex Machina in ] more

What is Husaberg motorcycle?

Husaberg is a motorcycle manufacturing company found ed by a group of ex-Husqvarna employees in 1988. The company is mostly focused on off-road and supermoto four-stroke motorcycles which usually come with very large displacements.

What is Husaberg’s motto?

Nowadays, Husaberg’s motto is “4 Stroke Force”, a slogan which reminds us of the roots of the company when it was mostly focused on four-stroke motorcycles. Another important fact related to Husaberg’s history is that the Swedish military troops used the company’s motorcycles for many years in the past. expand.

Where are KTM motorcycles made?

What’s interesting is that in 2003 KTM moved the entire production of motorcycles in Mattighofen, Austria with a single exception: the motorsport section of the company which remained in Sweden.

Did Husaberg have too many funds?

Although they were mostly interested in races and competitions, Husaberg didn’t actually have too many funds , the company trying to rely on the technologies it used in the manufacturing process.

Who owns Husqvarna?

The Swedish company was started just after the famous Italian manufacturer Cagiva bought Husqvarna. A group of engineers who wanted to remain in Sweden, led by Thomas Gustavsson, founded Husaberg Motor AB, a brand which was first heard before the enduro race held in Skillingaryd.

Where do we come from?

The combination of tradition and well over a century of company history is added to state-of-the-art technology and a devotion to detail, jointly creating a very special brand experience. Husqvarna Motorcycles has a fascinating brand history – defined by a unique pioneering vision, coupled with style and technical details.

What is a silverpilen?

The iconic Silverpilen from 1955. Meaning “silver arrow” in Husqvarna’s native Swedish, it was a pioneering Husqvarna model, purpose-built for offroad use.

What is the silver arrow in Husqvarna?

The iconic Silverpilen from 1955. Meaning “silver arrow” in Husqvarna’s native Swedish, it was a pioneering Husqvarna model, purpose-built for offroad use. The iconic Silverpilen from 1955. Meaning “silver arrow” in Husqvarna’s native Swedish, it was a pioneering Husqvarna model, purpose-built for offroad use.

How many titles did Husqvarna win?

By storming to 14 Motocross World Titles, 24 Enduro European Championships and 11 Baja victories, Husqvarna fast became the ultimate offroad motorcycle racing brand of the era.

What was the Husqvarna range?

The post-World War II Husqvarna Motorcycles range was limited to lightweight 2-stroke models which, in modified form, were also used in the fledgling offroad sports that became popular in the mid-1950s.

When did Husaberg and Husqvarna merge?

One of those decisive events was the separation from Husaberg in 1988. But what belongs together came together again in March 2013, when Husqvarna Motorcycles and Husaberg reunited under the KTM Group banner – now known as Pierer Mobility.

Where are Husqvarna motorcycles made?

Husqvarna Motorcycles today is in the privileged position of having access to one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing hubs in the motorcycle industry, in Mattighofen, Austria.

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